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Activity group trips with youngsters to our Greek Youth Hostels can provide the chance to try new activities and challenges whilst enhancing team building, trust and building self-confidence. Whether your group is interested in outdoor activities like horse riding, hiking, rafting or packing your walking boots and making the most of the countryside, there are a whole host of our group hostels which are in perfect locations. 

And nature is the only place to learn about nature! Give your students some real farming inspiration by taking them to places they won’t forget in a hurry. We have Youth Hostels in many different destinations which cater for schools, colleges and youth exchange programs looking to get a real hands on experience, along with good quality, affordable hostel accommodation and a welcoming atmosphere.

There’s so much of history and culture in Greece to explore and there’s only so much a book can teach your school group. In conjunction with History and Drama curricula travel and see, first hand, the original birthplace of Western Civilization! Imagine teaching your kids greek language, or Iliad and Odyssey, while visiting Vergina, Mycenae or Ancient Corinth?

Of course the range of youth programs covers a broad spectrum: historical or cultural several-day youth trips, outdoor sport possibilities, environmental activities, international youth exchanges, art camps for theatre and music groups or just the classic sport training trips... and many more.


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