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If you think hostels are no longer an option once you’ve found your perfect match, think again! All the reasons you love staying in hostels on solo trips or with your friends, the hospitality, the budget-friendly prices, makes them great for couples as well. Where better than a Greek Youth hostel for a romantic holiday? Warm and cosy rooms, breathtaking landscapes, strolls in the woods, wonderful dinners and beautiful villages to discover. Greek Youth Hostels offer a fantastic alternative to hotels whilst still offering all the amenities that a couple could wish for.

Travelling as single is exciting and a huge amount of freedom. Whether you want to explore ancient sights and sprawling cities, discover greek country site, mountains and canyons, or just get away from it all and laze on the beach, there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. You have the greatest chance of meeting people with shared interests and a similar outlook on life. 

Our accommodation gives you a great way to explore secret destinations cheaply with plenty of comfort, privacy and seclusion - and a home away from home. 


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